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Rival bit. This Should Cerpen Be Easier To Survive

Rival bit. This Should Cerpen Be Easier To Survive - Rival bit. This should be easier to survive the onslaught of short articles. Primary key: write at least 2,000 words article submit at least one image on your writing to increase the share in Facebook.

We've all been listening to those experts who say that the image could improve engagement visually, but it can only be applied on  right? What http://www.pramesnet.com/new/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/3227-berikan-puisi-pada-ibu-guru.html about the actual written content. The following chart shows our findings.

This time, we analyzed all the articles we crawl in BuzzSumo to compare the average amount of content shared on more than one picture with no picture content.

As you can see, the amount of share content with images amounting to two times more than content no pictures, this is why the importance of visual http://www.kamportal.co.za/community/index.php/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/578-bergerak-buat-cerpen-untuk-menghibur-anak elements in  your content. Keep in mind that we do not discuss the quality of the image, but the image on the presence of such content.

Natural Ways Cara and Puisi You Look The Chart Below

Natural Ways Cara and Puisi You Look The Chart Below - Natural Ways If you look at the chart below, the longer the content, the more the number of shares, with the number of words 3000-10000 can get the average number of shares up to 8859 times. Not surprisingly, there are plenty of short content that has been written. How many short content? There are 16 times more content with less than 1000 words than content with more than 2000 words.

What does this mean? It tells us that most people do not want to create content that is deep with clear information based on research. They do not http://www.pramesnet.com/new/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/3226-hasil-contoh-yang-diberikan.html  want to do things that take time and effort. This means that there are great opportunities for those who want to do it because not a lot of long-tail content creators who will compete with you.

This research was also supported by the article in the NY Times about the content of the most widely shared through email. The longer the article, the more people are going to share his email.

The fact is people are happy to to share pictures of cats and memes are funny, but they also want to share things they are intellectually http://www.kamportal.co.za/community/index.php/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/577-rancangan-puisi-ibu-yang-terbaik-untuk-guru challenging, the long-form  content. It would be better if you spend time writing one article a long cool than writing short articles that much.

Berbagai Contoh Sekitar

Berbagai Contoh Sekitar - This article was written by Hanley Wing, founder Buzzsumo.com. He analyzed the amount of social shares at 100 million articles in the entire website. In his research, he took some learning why there are some articles that generate social share in large numbers.

Here are 10 ways to help you improve http://www.kamportal.co.za/community/index.php/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/576-pedoman-puisi-yang-indah your social share content from content (long form) get a share which is more than content (short form).

We all already know how many people who consume content through their mobile devices. It shows that we have to write a short and brief articles to satisfy their attention instead.

From the analysis of data on 10 percent of the top article of the most widely shared, this research indicates otherwise. On http://www.pramesnet.com/new/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/3225-salah-satu-contoh-terbaik-dari-bapa.html average, long content to get more than its share of short content.

Berbagai Cerpen Buahan

Berbagai Cerpen Buahan - Various Pain Medication and also benefits Fruit Fruits - a short story short stories whose content is not too long. But there is also a short story long enough content to several pages. It is certainly nothing.

Wrong, because there is no limit for how much the number of pages of a story so called short stories. This means that if a story has http://www.pramesnet.com/new/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/3224-menuai-cerpen-yang-bisa-dibahas.html pages of images, the stories are also still in the category of short stories. What kind of example the long short story? Please continue to refer to the following article.

Long short story is usually made because a lot of things or materials that would be submitted. Moreover, if the short story tells about http://www.kamportal.co.za/community/index.php/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/575-tunjukan-contoh-buat-orang-terdekat everyday life. Surely will require considerable number of pages.

One of the advantages of a long short story is we were treated with a story that takes a long time to spend the story, and certainly would be added value from the entertainment side.

Cara Pantun Sehat

Cara Pantun Sehat - Set Ways to Make Healthy Living - Writing articles in online media should not be too long. Advice to writers in eKaiva.com should be between 400-700 words. Writing articles that are too long to make the reader bored and wanted to leave the page long article.

Typically, the reader will do the scanning of the article being read. Hence the article in the online media should be written in short http://www.pramesnet.com/new/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/3223-lawakan-pakai-puisi-yang-tertawa.html sentences and paragraphs slightly. Ending her, lay wisdom and solutions.

Not a personal story about me or you that is important to readers. Readers should get lessons. But sometimes, the article becomes http://www.kamportal.co.za/community/index.php/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/573-jumlah-pantun-bersuku-kata interesting when there is a personal story that inspires and explain the problem.

Then of clarity that is told in  evocative problem, we need to deliver solutions and lessons to be learned.

Kumpulan Puisi Terbaik

Kumpulan Puisi Terbaik - Writing articles are non-smoking popular course. Author okay to mention him as characters in his writing. Chronology or narrative sequence will facilitate accentuate the characters who experience it. But we're not writing short stories. So do not be too long personal story.

Snapshot personal experience is usually enough into the opening paragraph. The opening paragraph written a short, compact, but still http://www.pramesnet.com/new/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/3222-tegang-pada-saat-membaca-puisi-dimuka-banyak-orang.html easily  understandable to deliver the content of the article.

Best to insert the expert opinion to occasionally respond to the storyline. As well as possible on kindness alone would be more convincing if it is.

supported by other people's stories are about our good. Citing expert opinion, expert, or certain references in response to personal http://www.kamportal.co.za/community/index.php/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/571-ciptakan-puisi-yang-membekas-dihati experiences will affect the tendency of readers agreed.

Sehat Ucapan Bagus

Sehat Ucapan Bagus - El nivel de ternura derivado de esta historia no proporciona entretenimiento muy divertido, pero en ella se puede obtener un diálogo bastante entretenido.

para que los lectores les gusta ser dibujado en la historia. Esperemos que todo puede tomar una lección y ser entretenido http://www.pramesnet.com/new/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/3221-rencana-perpisahan-dengan-memberi-ucapan-yang-menyedihkan.html por esta historia divertida.

Estaba jugando a la pelota con sus amigos en el parque cerca de la residencia. Su madre llamó Asnaif que está ansioso por jugar el balón "Asnaif, ven aquí una madre minuto necesita ayuda" llora su madre llamada.

Ah bu primer momento ya llevan ", dijo Asnaif, que lanza la bola que la madre de mano respondió" oso Nanggung, cargar con los dientes tuh. Mamá no http://www.kamportal.co.za/community/index.php/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/572-rasanya-contoh-hanya-yang-bagus bikinin nuevos con sabor pudding que tofu ". "Sí, sí bu Asnaif madre bantuin ahora," dijo ella, porque le gustaba sus postres caseros. Asnaif dejó de jugar a la pelota y para su madre.

Bagaimana Puisi Disekitar Rumah

Bagaimana Puisi Disekitar Rumah - What about social meta tag for Facebook? We wondered if people who implement this tag (by drawing) get a share more or not. We hope this is true, but we want to see how dramatic the changes later.

As you can see, the article http://www.pramesnet.com/new/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/3220-cara-terbaik-membuat-puisi-cinta-yang-terindah.html which implements meta tag Facebook share image display generates three times more than those who did not.

Primary key: Implement social meta tag and add a photo on each article! Pictures / photos will determine what readers see  even before they visit the article. Enter at least one picture in the post to increase the share

Perhaps this is not surprising, as the above. Posts with tag image works better on Twitter than those who did not use those of you who http://www.kamportal.co.za/community/index.php/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/570-niat-memberikan-puisi-untuk-ibu do not know, if you want to display an image, you need to implement this meta tag in the section of the article by adding this tag.