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Natural Ways Cara and Puisi You Look The Chart Below

Natural Ways Cara and Puisi You Look The Chart Below - Natural Ways If you look at the chart below, the longer the content, the more the number of shares, with the number of words 3000-10000 can get the average number of shares up to 8859 times. Not surprisingly, there are plenty of short content that has been written. How many short content? There are 16 times more content with less than 1000 words than content with more than 2000 words.

What does this mean? It tells us that most people do not want to create content that is deep with clear information based on research. They do not http://www.pramesnet.com/new/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/3226-hasil-contoh-yang-diberikan.html  want to do things that take time and effort. This means that there are great opportunities for those who want to do it because not a lot of long-tail content creators who will compete with you.

This research was also supported by the article in the NY Times about the content of the most widely shared through email. The longer the article, the more people are going to share his email.

The fact is people are happy to to share pictures of cats and memes are funny, but they also want to share things they are intellectually http://www.kamportal.co.za/community/index.php/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/577-rancangan-puisi-ibu-yang-terbaik-untuk-guru challenging, the long-form  content. It would be better if you spend time writing one article a long cool than writing short articles that much.

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