Jumat, 17 Februari 2017

Bagaimana Puisi Disekitar Rumah

Bagaimana Puisi Disekitar Rumah - What about social meta tag for Facebook? We wondered if people who implement this tag (by drawing) get a share more or not. We hope this is true, but we want to see how dramatic the changes later.

As you can see, the article http://www.pramesnet.com/new/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/3220-cara-terbaik-membuat-puisi-cinta-yang-terindah.html which implements meta tag Facebook share image display generates three times more than those who did not.

Primary key: Implement social meta tag and add a photo on each article! Pictures / photos will determine what readers see  even before they visit the article. Enter at least one picture in the post to increase the share

Perhaps this is not surprising, as the above. Posts with tag image works better on Twitter than those who did not use those of you who http://www.kamportal.co.za/community/index.php/jomsocial/groups/viewgroup/570-niat-memberikan-puisi-untuk-ibu do not know, if you want to display an image, you need to implement this meta tag in the section of the article by adding this tag.

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